Able Technologies Ltd was formed in 1999 as an offshoot of Able Communications when the original company, which had been trading since 1987 was split into a technology company and an IT company. James Duncan, Managing and Technical Director is the driving force behind the technical innovation that the company continues to produce. He has been involved with electronics and software product development for over 30 years and in that time has developed products as diverse as a telex emulation system to a drilling simulator.

Scottish Enterprise Smart Award
Scottish Enterprise Smart Award for Datawand Product

Able Technologies Ltd specialises in bespoke computing solutions for both the industrial and commercial markets. Following many years of R&D, a suite of modular, high performance building blocks has been developed. These are used to deliver effective and reliable solutions to a market that generally seeks to solve unique problems that do not lend themselves to standard components. Typical of the solutions we have delivered are: Electronic oilfield tools,Wireline logging systems, Riser Recoil systems, Heave Compensation, Pressure control, Software workover simulator:

Our History
Able started in business developing terminal emulator and file transfer protocol software. In fact the name is an acronym and stands for  “Asynchronous Bisynchronous Local area network terminal Emulator”. We developed the following emulators and associated host software for file transfer : VT100,220, 320 , HP2621,2627 color graphics, Able Telex,Tandem 6530 , DG200 , ADM3A , 4010/4027 graphics , HPGL display , Wyse 50, Hazeltine Esprit 100, and others.

All of the above products were written in assembler using RASM86 . They ran on standard IBM PC's and other non PC (unix,cpm,ccpm86 ) operating systems (All trade marks acknowledged).
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