18th November 2005
ScreenSee Update

Version 1.15 New Themes, re-designed look and feel and much improved graphics. Allows emailing remote viewers from the popup menu and implements one of our our IntelliSee mode.

With IntelliSee the presenter client detects desktop screen changes automatically and transmits the new screen instantly. Other modes available are Clipboard Mode where you control the transmission of each screen and therefore you control what your guests see. Standard Mode transmits each screen of your presentation at a predetermined rate.

If you already have an older version installed - just reinstall this version over it.

23rd September 2005
ScreenSee Free Trial

A Free Trial of the Personal Version of ScreenSee is now available from the Download site.   The ScreenSee trial lasts for one month and then you have the option to suscribe to the Personal or the Professional version.

You might want to discuss some plans which you are viewing on a desktop application with your contractor.  Then just download the ScreenSee self installer and give it a go.

28th July 2005
Launch of ScreenSee

Able Technologies have launched their new screen sharing product, ScreenSee. Developed originally for inhouse use ScreenSee has been updated and adapted for the web.

ScreenSee allows the sharing of the host desktop with multiple users in multiple locations.

Two versions have been released - Personal User, that can be installed on a single machine and is available as a Free Trial. The Professional Version will allow multiple hosts to use the product and pricing will be tiered.

Able Technologies have wide experience in developing user friendly products. ScreenSee is no exception.

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