Able Technologies Ltd are all committed to protecting your privacy. We will act within the terms of the Data Protection Act. This policy may be updated from time to time and it is recommended that you review it regularly.
Policy and Data Protection
Collection of Data
We will only collect personal data from the information you provide on online forms. Non personal data will be collected automatically from the way you use the website. We will not ask you for more information than is necessary to carry out our business efficiently. This covers dispatching goods to you, undertaking commissions for you, carrying out our own internal planning and market research
Consent and opt in/out
We will only contact you if we have your express consent. We will operate an opt-out policy and never assume consent.
Storage of Data
Our web servers have a high degree of security but in the event of a malicious attack we can give no implied warranty to the integrity of your information. We do monitor and update our security regularly to prevent such a breach.
Disclosure of Data
We will not disclose your data to any third party except those engaged in processing or storing data on our behalf or to deliver an order. The only exception would be any agency which we are legally required to provide such information to if requested..
Access to Data
In compliance with the Data Protection Act if you wish to see your stored personal data or you wish to with draw any consents then contact us
We may use "cookies" as part of our market research. These are small text files stored in your browser. You can disable these "cookies" on your browser if you wish.
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