Printed Circuit Boards

Use the same board from prototype to final product! Our C167 CPU Board uses a Siemens C167 processor.
ScreenSee When you need to share onscreen information with collegues, clients or friends look no further than Personal or Professional ScreenSee remote viewing software.
Wireline Winch Our very sucessful, one man operated, Depth and Tension System can be used in diverse situations.  It utilises  user friendly, component based screens
16 Channel Data Logger A multi-purpose data logger with a utility which allows upload of raw data to a standard pc. PC software included.
Datawand Product Do you need to transmit data through fluids?  Then take a look at our award winning, laser based, DataWand 
Production and Workover Simulator This training system uses our user friendly component based screens and allows the user to control the migrating of a gas bubble to the surface using the mud pump and choke settings. Simulator has a graphical display showing full fluid migration inside the drill pipe
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