Many of Able Technologies' projects have been oilfield related, mainly due to our location.  Through this work we have developed a component/building block system of development that allows systems to be adapted for use across many spheres of business and industry. If you need more information please contact us.

Modicon 384

Development of a system to allow downloading/uploading the executive and applicatoion from a Modicon 384 PLC. The logic can be edited and uploaded.  The system includes an emulator which emulates the 384 PLC scanner to solve the logic. All types are supported in this including relay, matrix, move etc.   The system supports both the I646 and J146 serial interfacers and includes a script system to setup diagnostic monitoring


Allows multiple people, in multiple locations to simultaneously view the host's active PC screen. Ideal for sharing data, photographs, plans and presentations.  Originally developed for inhouse use,  ScreenSee  has been expanded to include a Single User and Professional Multi-user Version 

Drift Inclinometer

The e-Drift measures the angle of drift from the vertical while drilling a vertical hole. The data is transmitted to surface using a pulsar motor. Able Technologies developed all the electronics and software for this revolutionary tool which operates in harsh conditions with high temperature and pressure.

Wireline Winch Depth and Tension

Wireline Winch Depth and Tension monitoring system that can be configured for a full range of operating parameters

Riser Recoil

A control system to monitor riser movement while compensating for vessel heave. It shuts in air and hydraulic lines to the tensioners, when movement rises above a pre-determined limit

Heave Compensation

An Active Electronic Heave Compensation System that maintains the stability of equipment being launched or landed when a vessel/semi-submersible is subject to swell

Production and Workover Simulator

A sofware only / software plus hardware Production and Workover Simulator. It runs on a standard PC and allows scenarios to be setup for the student to control the migration of gas kick to surface. Utilises user friendly component based screens

Grease Injection

A project  to convert a mechanical grease injection based production system to a fully automated system

Media  Asset Mangement

A Web based Asset Management system that allows users to upload, search and manage any information held on a PC e.g music, videos, and pictures.  It also has a remote presentation package that allows interactive internet presentations to be controlled and run. For more information see
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