ScreenSee Applications

Use ScreenSee desktop sharing to
  • Enhance your audio conferencing without a large expenditure
  • Share Internet presentations
  • Remotely display any desktop application
  • Monitor remote desktop processes
  • Monitor processes running on your own machine from a remote site
Click on the icon below to join our Demonstration ScreenSee Show running on one of our standard PCs. Alternatively, View our Screensee PPT Presentation directly.

Load ScreenSee Demo ScreenSee takes a snapshot of the users PC screen and allows multiple people, in multiple locations, to view it simultaneously. Either the full screen can be viewed or the currently focused window on screen.

Run presentations on the moderator PC. Allow any number of remote clients to view. The host PC can show full screen or running application with or without screen borders.

Download 1 Month Free ScreenSee Trial

To try our one month free demo of the ScreenSee Personal version just get the Client Software. It is very straighforward to install but if you want more information then get the Version 1.24 User Manual. No registration is required.

Just Released - Version 1.24 New Themes, re-designed look and feel and much improved graphics. Allows emailing remote viewers from the popup menu and implements our IntelliSee mode. Now Hosted on 1and1 servers with high bandwidth

  • IntelliSee Mode - Automatic detection and transmission of screen changes by presenter client
  • Clipboard Mode - Manual control of screenchanges and transmission using PrintScreen key
  • Standard Mode - Transmission of presentation at a predetermined rate
If you already have an older version installed then just re-install this version over it.

ScreenSee Features

The ScreenSee software comprises of a small taskbar client program and a web system based on ASP for running the server side. With ScreenSee you have eliminated the firewall problems common with sharing information.

ScreenSee has to be physically loaded in the presenter PC and is visible in the toolbar. It sends your desktop image to our secure hosted server which can then be viewed by the clients with access.

The number of images stored on our server can be set from between 2 and 5 by the presenter.

We would appreciate comments, suggestions and criticisms, which can be sent anonymously if you wish to feedback

Already set up? Join your ScreenSee Show here

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